Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A little of this, a little of that

We headed to California for Brandon's fall break this year, and this trip, we got to fly! Rylie did so amazing on the flight and had no problems adjusting to sleeping in California (way different than when she spends 5 hours in the car to get here). The morning we got here we headed to a 50th anniversary party for some of Brandon's family. I didn't any great pics since we really had to watch where Rylie was at (wine bottles all over the place and an active toddler...potenially a very bad situation). We have taken one trip to Disneyland so far, but it was pretty busy so we stayed over in California Adventure (always feels less crowded over there). Rylie had a blast feeding the ducks at Brandon's dad's house, she thought that feeding the ducks bread and then taking a bite herself was a pretty good deal! :)

(yes, we gave her the pacifier so she would have something to suck on during take off...and it helped her fall asleep for the landing :) )

She loves the carosel! So much that after I took her, Brandon went back on it with her.

This is what happens with Daddy and Uncle Blake egging him on. :)

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  1. Next time I'm bored, I'm going to send Kylee to the "Daddy and Uncle Blake" Hair salon because that's IMPRESSIVE! They're probably too high end for me though. :-(