Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Take 1

We headed over to Irvine Railroad Park today to see what they had to offer. Helen had read that they had a pumpkin patch and she remembered a little train, so we figured that would be great for Rylie. It was way more fun than we thought! The pumpkin patch was huge! They had the most adorable little signs that you could put your face through a hole for photos, little hay stack horses to sit on, a bounce house, pony rides, little tractor races, carnival games, a hay ride and a maze! Needless to say, we did some of this...Rylie was pretty content just walking around to the signs and sticking her face in the hole. :)

The "How Tall this Fall" cute!

We did take the train around the park and then went to the little zoo that the park has...yes, I said zoo! The OC Zoo is super little, but so perfect for Rylie. She loved the petting zoo the most and would have loved to stay there all day with the goats looking at the bunny rabbits. We will definitely head back to Irvine Railroad Park in the future! The park itself is also amazing with a lake and tons of huge trees. Besides it being pretty hot (like almost 100, I thought this was supposed to be cooler than Phoenix?) we had a great day.

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