Monday, October 3, 2011

The Start of Autumn

We decided to take a day and get out of the heat to actually feel a little bit of the autumn weather. My mom, Laura, Brandon, Rylie and I headed up to Prescott to a ranch that a good friend of my parents owns. They were having a harvest festival! It was very cute with vendors, wine tasting, hay rides and pumpkins.

Rylie and Brandon working hard on her harvest craft. :)

Rylie was very happy just sitting and playing in the dirt...we were all pretty amazed at how long she was entertained by piling the dirt in her lap.

She didn't really know what to think of the chickens...very curious, but definitely wanted to stay very close to me!

Grandma and Rylie with her pumpkin.

This was how she rode on Brandon's shoulders for a big portion of our walk. She probably would have fallen asleep if we had kept going!

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