Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's a Princess Party

My cousin's little girl, Kylee, had the cutest princess party for her birthday this year. The girls were told to come dressed in dress-up clothes for a night of music and dancing. Rylie was very excited for "Kylee's Happy Day" and for getting to wear her dress-up clothes out of our house.

As soon as you arrived, they had this adorable archway to walk through and all of the furniture had been cleared away for the dance floor. Rylie loved the music and danced the night away!

She loved her princess crown. :)

Rylie took a quick break from dancing for some cuddles from Papa.

They had this big Repunzul doll and Rylie was a little intrigued...she wan't quite sure what to do with her, but decided she could dance!

Limbo time!

They had a little craft station set up to make frames to put a picture from the party in.

My little princess with her cake pop. :)

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