Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekend in Pinetop

Rylie spent a week in Pinetop with my parents (pics from that week to come later!) and then Brandon and I joined them last weekend. We were both very excited to see her (our house was very quiet...and very clean, while she was gone), though I don't think she missed us one bit! The first morning we were there, we headed out on a three and a half mile hike. Major props to my amazing husband who carried Rylie on his back the entire way! We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the amazing weather and relaxing around my parents was hard to come home!

Yes, she is sound to sleep and stayed that way for a good portion of the hike. So not only was Brandon carrying her on his back...she literally was complete dead weight for most of it...see, I said he was amazing!

Checking out a caterpillar on Grandma's hand.

We were so proud that she climbed over the log by herself. :)

Hanging out in the hammock...did I mention we love this place!

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