Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week with Papa and Grandma

Rylie had the opportunity to spend a whole week with my parents up at their cabin in Pinetop. While we knew we would miss her, we also knew that she would have the time of her life and we would get a little mini  "staycation" at home while she was gone. She spent her days playing at the park, walking around the lake, playing in the treehouse, helping Papa move rocks, and planting flowers with Grammy. I really don't think she even noticed we weren't there!

On a walk with Millie and Papa Perkins

Having a chat with Grammy about how big the apples on the tree are right now and how big they will get (which she still tells me even at home when she sees an apple!).

Taking the dogs for a walk...or maybe that is the other way around. :)

I think she had fun!

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