Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Camping Part 2

On our first afternoon up in the mountains, we decided to take a little drive to the Wood's Canyon Lake store to get a "special treat" (those 2 words are Rylie's favorite thing ever!). The store has tons of little ice cream treat options, and Rylie elected for the pink one...big shocker! :) Boy, did she enjoy eating her pink ice cream sandwich out by the lake!

Brandon and my dad headed out later that afternoon to see if they could find any elk. Brandon had never seen or heard one, so we were all excited when they actually found some to see!

We were camping, so of course, you have to have a campfire! Rylie thought she was pretty hot stuff with her head lamp that Daddy gave her to wear. :)

Brandon and my dad found a turkey feather for Rylie...she, and the dogs, loved it!

The next day was filled with bubbles, playing in the dirt, coloring, and making zip loc bag ice cream before we packed up and headed home. It was such a perfect camping trip!

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