Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Character Day at Disneyland!

Since we didn't even go into Disneyland the first day we were there, we promised Rylie we would go back on Monday morning before our flight out that afternoon. She literally had been asking for weeks to go see Mickey and Minnie and take a picture with them. :) So I was kind of hoping we would see them on Main Street so we wouldn't have to wait in line at their houses. :) It half way happened that way! Right when we walked in we saw Goofy with no line so we headed right to him. Mickey was there with a huge line, but Rylie was very content just seeing him and made no mention of a picture, so we didn't ask!

As we headed towards Minnie's house, Rylie asked to ride Alice and Wonderland and then we spotted the princess line. She has just started to love the princesses and the line wasn't terrible so she got to meet 3 of the princesses.

After the princesses, Rylie was still asking for Minnie, so we went to her house and, of course, she wasn't there. I asked around a bit and found out she would be back in 10 minutes, so I waited (at the very front of the line!!) while Sarah took Rylie to play in the house. A quick photo with Minnie and the traditional ride on Winnie the Pooh (really, that ride is Disneyland to Rylie!) and our plan was to head home so Rylie could get a quick nap before flying home. Rylie had other plans and fell asleep in her stroller as we were walking out, so we headed to lunch instead so she would at least sleep in her stroller. It was a little bit of a mad dash to the airport, but we made our flight (thank goodness the Orange County airport is relatively small)! :)

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