Monday, July 1, 2013

Rylie feeds Grayson

When I was pregnant, we would talk to Rylie about what it was going to be like to have a baby brother. She started talking about all of the things that she was going to help us with when the baby was here. Here top three always seemed to be help give him a bath (she loves her baths so this totally made sense), change his diaper (no idea why she was so into this one...maybe because she has been potty trained for awhile so diapers are one thing that seem very baby to her), and help give him a bottle (also, she hasn't used one for so long...nothing says baby more than a bottle!).

She really has been into helping with all of those things, but we have had to explain that he isn't really using a bottle yet. Well, I had to go back to work, so we introduced Grayson to the bottle a couple of weeks ago, and the time came for Rylie to feed him. :)

Yeah, she thought it was the coolest thing ever...for about 3 minutes. :)

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