Tuesday, July 2, 2013

VBS Week

Rylie was old enough this summer to go to VBS! We took her to Grace for the week and the theme was "Athens" and they learned all about Paul. The set up was so well done as one entire building was made to look like an ancient Athens marketplace. It was a learning experience for Rylie as she wasn't a huge fan of being left there every morning. We definitely saw a different side of our outgoing, social little girl! We were super proud of her for sticking it out all week, and she really did have a good time (she literally told me that every day...apparently, just the actual mommy leaving part was hard).

Tatum and Rylie all ready for the first day!

Rylie's adorable door decorations for her classroom.

Rylie's teacher bought her whole group this adorable Bible. She loves it! We have read way more of it so far than I ever thought she would be interested in.

Grayson all ready for his big sister's VBS performance. :)

Up on stage!

Doing some of the motions for the songs.

And now extremely distracted by her bandanna. :)

Yes, that is our child right in the front, totally not paying attention of doing any of the motions by this point. :)

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