Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Larson Family Reunion Day 2

The next day, some of the guys went golfing (big surprise :) ) and the rest of us loaded up and headed to Flathead Lake for the day. We had so much fun! It started off a little cool in the morning and then warmed up to be a perfect day. There was a boat, jet ski, and 2 kayaks to start off the day and then some friends of my aunt and uncle brought over their pontoon boat and paddle board. The golfers joined us when they were done so everyone was there. We even got my Grandma on the pontoon boat! Rylie had a blast on all of the water toys and playing with all of her cousins. Grayson was just passed from person to person and seemed to thoroughly enjoy all of the different arms he got to nap in. :)

How Grayson spent his morning at the lake.

Chatting with the girls. :)

Hanging out with Brent.

Learning all about the guitar from Joel.

Rylie's first ride on a boat.

Grandma on the pontoon boat.

A kayak ride with Daddy.

On the pontoon boat with Mommy.

Our whole group on the shore.

It didn't take long for her to fall asleep on the pontoon boat.

Brandon on the paddle board. He actually took a fall and lost his sunglasses in the lake. A bunch of the family headed out with snorkel equipment and started looking for them. After about 30 minutes, my cousin Josh actually came up with them!

Rylie was so out that she actually stayed asleep on Brandon for quite awhile!

Cute cousins!

Rylie went for a ride with Daddy on the jet ski...our little adrenaline junky thought it was pretty fun!

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