Saturday, May 2, 2009

Florida and a Business Trip?

So I went on my first "business" trip last weekend with Ashley (my co-worker and also my cousin). We went to Worlds (like the Olympics of Cheerleading...sounds lame, but for us cheer coaches, actually really cool), and then attended a coaches conference for two days. The best part of this whole thing was that it was at Disney World! The competition was at the Wide World of Sports complex and the conference was at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort. We saw some amazing stuff at the competition and the conference was better than either of us expected. We also saw a crocodile (or alligator, don't really know how to tell the difference) in the lake that the resort is on, which was a totally new experience for me. Not sure I would ever want to live in Florida (don't think I could handle the humidity), but definitely want to go back soon and actually go to Disney World!
Disney's Wide World of Sports
The choreographer that I use is from California All-Stars. Here they are winning their division at Worlds.
The croc (yeah, we were really close to him!)
Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
Ashley and I at the resort

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  1. Looks like a very hard "business" trip. Just let me know, I will go to Disney World with you.