Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend at the Lake

On Friday, Brandon's Dad and brother Blake drove out from California. This time, they brought a very large toy to leave here in Arizona...a boat! That's right, we will have a boat for the summer! So on Saturday, we woke up early and headed out to Roosevelt Lake...and it rained on us the whole time driving up there and for about the first hour after we got there. But we were patient and waited it out, and it turned out to be an awesome day! It was also Wrigley's first time on a boat, and while preparing for this outing, I realized that our dog loves to swim and there was no way we were going to be able to lift her out of the water and back into the boat...until I found the doggie life jacket! I know, kind of pathetic that I bought my dog a life vest, until I saw a ton of dogs at the lake with them on. And I am super glad we had it, cuz she absolutely loved the water and that handy dandy handle on the top of the jacket was very useful in getting her out of the water!

Our family lake picture

Every time Brandon would jump in the water, Wrigley would get super concerned and have to jump in after him.

There is a really cool suspension bridge at Roosevelt.

I thought this was really pretty and you don't see cactus bloom like this all the time. This one was half submerged.

This is where Wrigley would end up whenever we were just cruising...I don't think she really enjoyed the wind in her face or the noise of the boat, so she would just crawl into the closest person's lap until the boat stopped and she could go swimming.
We are excited for many more trips out to the lakes this summer! Thanks to Brandon's Dad for letting us use it all summer!

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  1. That is too cute that Wrigley has a life vest! You do know that you need a child right? LOL