Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Hike

It has become a tradition to go on a hike for Mother's Day. My Mom loves to get out of Phoenix and find a cool place to spend the day. Normally we go up on the Rim, but this year we picked Flagstaff so that my brother, Jeff, could drive down and meet us from Page. We found a really cool hike in Walnut Canyon, which is right outside of Flagstaff. Jeff and Brandon found a cave that they spent time climbing through (I am not a huge fan of small, dark places so I stayed where I could stand upright!) and Brandon even convinced Wrigley to crawl through it with him. I told him that was total trust, because she could not see a thing! After the hike, we found a Mexican food place in Flagstaff and had dinner. My dad was out of town, but my mom said other than that, it was a perfect Mother's Day.

I think Wrigley was kind of over the pictures at this point.

I love this picture of the 2 of them.

My mom, brother Jeff and myself

Taking a little break out of the sun

Our family :)

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  1. Can you email me some of the pics? I will send the ones I took to you