Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's a Princess Party!

My little cousin, Tatum, turned 4 this month (holy cow, time flies!!) and she had a Pirates and Princess swim party to celebrate. I was very excited about this theme, cuz Rylie had the perfect little princess outfit to wear (I'm such a girl!). She was the perfect little princess for the beginning of the party...but it is August in AZ, so we soon took her out of the princess outfit and put her into her swim suit so she could cool off! She is seeming to really enjoy the pool and was even dunked for the first time (she only cried a little bit the first time, and then after that she really didn't seem to mind going under). I really think she is turning out to be a little fish, just like her daddy!

Rylie and the birthday girl, Tatum

Her first goodie bag! :)

The princess with her crown :)

Rylie and her cousin, Cayden

Too much partying!! :)

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