Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rylie's Radiant Photoshoot

We are incredibly lucky to have some amazing photographers in our family. My cousin Bre and her husband Scott own Radiant Photography (they did our amazing maternity photos, which you can see right here ). They graciously offered to do a photo shoot of Rylie and my cousin, Ashley's little boy, Cayden. I can descibe the photos they took with one word...AMAZING!

Let me take a moment to brag about them for just a second. Not only are they amazing photographers, they are simply amazing people. I promise, if you book them for a photo shoot of any kind, you will absolutely love your photos and you will have an incredible time taking the pictures just because they are so fun and easy to be around. They also are extremely giving. They choose different charity's throughout the year to in which to donate a portion of their earnings from their photo shoots. They also donate their time and skills to organizations that they are passionate about (check out the most amazing shoot that they did for the Arizona Princess Program here ).

If you want more information about Radiant Photography or would like to book them for a photo shoot, visit their website or their blog or you can even like them on Facebook (just search Radiant Photography) .

By the time we got to taking pictures of Rylie and Cayden together, Rylie was pretty over it. We all loved this picture because of Cayden's facial expression...He looks like alot of guys look when a girl starts crying..."What do I do"! :)

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