Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mountain Baby

This past weekend, we decided to get out of the miserable heat and head up to the Mogollion Rim in northern Arizona to camp.

So this was going to be Rylie's first camping trip! I was a little nervous because Rylie has not been sleeping very well (up 4-5 times a night) so I didn't want to be near anyone else's camp since it could be a long night for everyone! We headed towards the Woods Canyon Lake area and found a beautiful campsite. My parents put up their tent trailer, and it turned out to be just in time because the rest of the day it poured down rain! Now, if you don't live in AZ, this might be a major bummer. But for us, it was awesome! We loved every minute of the cool weather and the rain noise on the tent trailer. The rain cleared for just enough time to have a camp fire, and then was back for us to go to sleep to the noise.

Rylie waiting for camp to be all set up (did I mention that the Bumbo is a great thing to have on a camping trip!)

I love that she finally got an opportunity to wear her adorable little Nike tennis shoes! It has been so hot that I haven't wanted to even put shoes on her, much less completely closed in tennis shoes!

Yeah! It was actually cold enough to bundle her up and put a beanie on her head :)

She thought the camp fire was pretty interesting!

I really shouldn't have been worried...Rylie slept better there than she has in a long time at home! Apparently she likes the cool weather and the rain!

The next day, we got up and went for a hike around Woods Canyon Lake. It is an absolutely beautiful hike! Soon after, we packed up camp and headed back to the heat. Rylie let me know that she was not happy about that when she started screaming about 45 minutes away from my parents house, and continued all the way there and then another 30 minutes all the way home. But let's be honest...who wants to leave 60 degree weather to come back to 110 degree weather??

"Daddy, can this be my car in a few year?" :)

This was Rylie's first ride in our jeep...she thought it was pretty fun!

She is pretty relaxed in her Bjorn...she slept for quite awhile on the hike!

Our other pretty baby, Wrigley. She loves to camp and hike!

The group on the hike. Isn't Woods Canyone Lake beautiful?

What a fun way to spend our weekend! We look forward to many more camping trips with Rylie in the future!

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