Sunday, December 12, 2010

7 Months

This is a little bit overdue, but Rylie turned 7 months old on Dec. 2! Here are some of the fun things that she has been up to:

*She weighs about 18 pounds (I'm not exactly sure since she hasn't been to the doctor in a little while, but that is what we got when we "unofficially" weighed her).

*She is wearing 6 and 6-9 month clothing.

*No teeth yet...but I seriously think it might be any day for that first one to pop through!

*She kind of went on a sleeping through the night strike. She was doing so good for a little while and then decided to start waking up at around 2 and stay up for quite awhile...not mommy's favorite thing in the world!

*She loves food! Her newest foods are oatmeal, apples, mangos, pumpkin and pears--and she loves them all! She also will now eat avocado, but only if it blended up really well. :)

*She is very chatty but no words yet...just lots of babbles.

*Her primary mode of movement is rolling around, and she is pretty quick at it! She is starting to get up on her hands and knees but hasn't crawled yet. I literally see the wheels in her head turning with "why do all the work to crawl when I can roll there much faster"!

She is such a happy girl with constant smiles (though you wouldn't know that from the smiles for a big camera lens!) and loves to giggle. As a result, we are constantly smiling with how blessed we are to have her and I don't think we could love her anymore than we do!

(The photos are a small preview of our latest photo shoot with Radiant Photography...the rest will have to wait until the Christmas cards are out! :) )

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