Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Merriest Place on Earth!

We headed to California for Christmas this year, and that meant a visit to Disneyland! We were very excited to take Rylie to the Happiest (or this time of year, the Merriest) Place on Earth. If you saw any of the news this past week, you know that it rained a little (ok, a lot) throughout Southern California the week of Christmas. We decided to bite the bullet and go anyways (you might call us a bit obsessed :) ), so we bundled up Rylie, grabbed our umbrellas and pochos and headed to the park.

(Sorry, but there is a ton of photos in this post...we did go a few different times and I just couldn't pick only a few!)

We're here! Our happy girl inspite of the crazy weather :)

We really had no idea how Rylie would react at Disneyland or if she would even care...but again, we were very wrong. She loved it! She was very alert and looked at everything and even went on a few rides. She was such a trooper in the rain and just sat contently in her stroller with a poncho covering her. Thanks to our newly purchased annual passes, we got to go a few times so we did get one morning with no rain. We are looking forward to many more trips to Disneyland throughout the year! :)

Rylie's first ride at Disneyland-"It's a Small World"

So interested in everything around her :)

Yes, it really was raining this hard.

Staying dry :)

First ride on the carousel

So we decided to try to take Rylie to see Santa again. This time we went during the day right after a nap and food so I knew she would be in a good mood...though I still thought she would cry when she saw him since she was so hysterical last time...

...but no, she loved him this time! The staff working said it is because this Santa is the "real" Santa...apparently he was no where near as scarey as the other Santa. :)

She even sat on his lap by herself with not one tear. :)

We have this same picture last year when I was pregnant with Ry...possibly our yearly Disnyland photo tradition! :)

Brandon thought of using the "R" in front of California Adventure for some Rylie pics...

Rylie also loved meeting Minnie Mouse! She kept trying to give her kisses...I have to say that Minnie was pretty partial to Rylie as well. She gave her so much attention and kept playing games with her...it was so cute!

Cuddling with her Christmas Mickey.

Our little Minnie Mouse! :)

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