Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I just love my family. One of my aunts, Kathy, has worked in children's ministry for years and she is really creative. I have so many fun memories growing up of doing fun crafts and activities that she would organize for all of us cousins. Well now that quite a few of us have little ones, the fun events are beginning again!

This last week, she had a birthday party for Jesus at her house. At the beginning, she had all of the kids sit down and she told the Nativity story using one of those flannel boards (I know you all remember them from Sunday school!). Then she had the kids help her tell the story. It was so cute and you knew they actually listened the first time because of how they answered the questions. Next, she sent them on a hunt around her house to find all of the little stars that she had hidden. She also had a little nativity ornament that they got to decorate. She gave them all jingle bells to sing Christmas carols with and had a cake with a candle to sing "Happy Birthday".

The highlight of the party was when she took them all outside to go look for a star like the wiseman did. As they walked around the backyard, they all saw a big lit up star over a little stable that she had made--and Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus were in the stable! The kids thought this was so cool and they all took pictures with Mary and Joseph. What a fun tradition this party will be every Christmas!

Rylie and Tatum getting ready to listen to the story.

Singing Christmas carols

Rylie with her jingle bells...they of course went right into her mouth!

Singing Happy Birthday

Rylie with Mary and Joseph

The whole group :)

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