Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas at a Farm

We went to Superstition Farm tonight for their Moo-ey Christmas event. They had vendor booths, hay rides, a petting zoo, s'mores by the campfire and pictures with Santa. It was pretty cute!

I was very excited for Rylie to get her picture taken with Santa...and did not really expect that she would hate every minute of it! She has shown no hesitation with strangers so far, so we were pretty surprised when Santa walked up to her and she started crying...hysterically. I mean, the bottom lip popped out and everything! I knew it was really bad when I was holding her and feeding her a bottle about 5 feet away from Brandon and my dad and they were talking to Santa...she literally started whimpering in my arms when she saw him again. So being the loving parents that we are, we decided to skip the, not so much! We tried to back her up so she wouldn't see him first and then place her in his lap, but that didn't work even a little bit. She screamed the entire time, even when Brandon and I tried to get in the photo with her. So her first photos with Santa are definitely the screaming, hysterical baby photos. Guess we won't be getting that cute picture with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland in a couple of weeks! (See the preceding post for photos)

The rest of the night, Rylie seemed to be just fine! She loved the animals in the petting zoo (like mother, like daughter!) and pretty much just hung out in someone's arms the rest of the night (just as long as they didn't walk anywhere near the guy in the red suit!). A very cute event for Christmas!

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