Sunday, June 26, 2011

13-14 Months

My amazing cousins behind Radiant Photography did a great 1 year photo shoot with Rylie and Cayden, so get ready for a bit of a photo bomb!
I have been super busy at work these past few weeks so Rylie's 13 months is so late that she is actually way closer to 14 months now, so here is what she has been up to lately.

*She is very chatty! She has always liked to talk, but her little voice even sounds different now and she will come up to you and start having a conversation with you in her little Rylie language.

*She never stops moving...ever.

*She has become quite the little peanut since she started walking. I'm not sure how much she weighs, but my guess is barely 20 lbs.

*She wears 12 month clothing.

*She has finally started liking most foods. She doesn't eat a ton for breakfast and lunch, but normally makes up for it at dinner. :)

*Her favorite books are "Bubbles, Bubbles" and her ABC bear book.

*She loves swim lessons and being in the water! She giggles at me right before she goes under water and comes out with a huge smile on her face. Her swim coach, Coach Melanie, says she is not normal. :)

*She now says Mama (only when she is mad), Dada (all the time!), dog, nana (banana), What's this?, here, hi, bye-bye, baba (milk), bath (and then she will head right to the tub), uh-oh, yum, pretty, thank you, hot dog.

*She will tell you what a sheep says (Baaaa), a lion (roaaaar), a cow (moooo), and a seal (ar ar ar). We are working on dog (woof woof) and duck (quack quack).

*If you ask her to show you her tummy, she will lift up her shirt and pat her stomach.

To ses a few more of these amazing photos, click here.

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