Saturday, June 4, 2011

Best Salsa Ever!

Summer and salsa just seem to go together for me, so I thought I would share the best salsa recipe ever (well, at least in the opinion of my family). This recipe is from my mother-in-law.

-3 or 4 tomatos (depending on how big the tomatos are)
-1 or 2 jalepenos (depending on how hot you want the salsa. Normally, it is made with just one but my husband is crazy about super spicy food so I make it with two for him)
-1 can of stewed tomatos
-1 handful of cilantro
-1 bunch of green onions
-1 onion
-Garlic powder or salt

Put the stewed tomatos, cilantro, and jalpeno(s) in a blender or food processor (you might want to cut the jalepeno into a few slices first) and blend together.

Chop the tomatos,

green onions,

and onion (side note...if you do not have one of these amazing food choppers, I highly suggest that you look up your closest Pampered Chef rep and purchase one! It is one of my favorite kitchen "tools" and saves a ton of time. Though for this recipe, I would still chop the tomatos and green onions by hand. They just don't work great with the food chopper.).

Combine everything and season with the garlic powder or salt to taste. Enjoy!

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