Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Train

Mimi was coming into town, so we decided to do something "Fall-ish" and drive a few hours north to go on a pumpkin patch train. The Grand Canyon Railroad (the same one the does the Polar Express every year) offers this cute way to go to a pumpkin patch. You board the train and head out for about 10-15 minutes where they stop at a pumpkin patch. They give you about 30 minutes in the patch to pick out your pumpkin and then you hop back on board where it takes you back to the station. At the station they have some decorating tables set up so you can decorate your pumpkin. Rylie thought it was pretty fun!

Our cars guide for the day...she was really good!

I love this picture! He wanted her sucker so bad! All I could think was, "This is our future"! :)

I love our family.

Rylie loved her caramel apple sucker that Brandon got her!

Decorating her pumpkin with Daddy.

So the original idea to go up north was to find some fall leaves (I found the pumpkin patch train when I was looking for stuff for us to do up in Flagstaff), so after the train, we headed back into Flagstaff. We ate a very yummy lunch at Oregano's and then headed up towards Snow Bowl to find some leaves...and boy, did we find some pretty ones! I couldn't wait to get some fun pictures of the kids in the leaves...

...but by the time we got there, this is what the back seat looked like! So us adults just jumped out of the car and took some pictures. :)

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