Friday, October 25, 2013

Rylie and Jesus

So Rylie has been asking a lot of questions about Jesus and heaven. It was becoming a daily thing. She would ask who was in heaven and how they got there. Every time we talked about it, we would end with asking her if she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart, and normally, the subject would just drop. One afternoon (actually, it was September 18th), Rylie came over to where I was working and climbed into my lap and once again, we started having the same conversation about Jesus. This time, when I asked her if asking Jesus into her heart was something she would like to do, she said yes! So Rylie and I prayed together and she asked Jesus into her heart! She was so excited about her decision and we called Daddy to tell him. After that she couldn't wait to tell Grandma and Papa and Mimi. :) This was by far one of the greatest moments of parenthood so far!

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