Thursday, February 13, 2014

January Fun

Here are some random (but cute!) pics from our life in the month of January!

Rylie was really into superheros...for like 2 days. :)

Brandon and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on January 6th. Thanks to my parents for watching our kids, we were able to go to a great dinner and then spend the night in a fun hotel here in Scottsdale. It was Grayson's first night away from us and he pretty much slept better for Papa and Grandma then he ever does for Daddy and Mommy! :)

A nighttime s'more in our backyard with Princess Rylie.

Rylie had her follow up doctors appointment from her surgery in December and everything looks great!

Surprise! Grayson kind of looks like me! :)

Playing cowgirl with some of her Christmas presents.

She absolutely loves AWANA Cubbies. She is doing really well memorizing her verses and can't wait to go every week.

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