Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Day was a whole lot of fun and exhausting all at the same time! Rylie woke up pretty excited about the fact that Santa had been to our house and that she got to open presents. Grayson was just all over the place and into everything. We read the Christmas story from Rylie's Bible book and then let the kids open their stockings. Rylie loved opening her stocking, but seemed to almost get a little overwhelmed with everything by the time we started opening presents. Grayson just wanted to eat the paper. :)

Eating the paper. :)

Modeling her new necklace.

After opening our gifts and Grayson took a morning nap, my parents came over for breakfast and their presents for the kids. We also took some time to Skype with Jeff, Laura, and Asher in Hawaii to open all of our presents to each other. We are so excited that Auntie Laura got to open her present of a plane ticket back to Phoenix! We finally get to meet Asher in just a couple of weeks!

I love this looks like he is in shock about what he is opening! :)

A basketball hoop for our backyard!

The favorite from the morning.

We headed to my great Aunt Mary's house for the afternoon with a lot of other family and then spent the evening at my parents house with Bob and Lynn Hansen. Holidays with kids are an absolute blast...and so so tiring! :)

Rylie fell asleep on the way to my Aunt's house and was so out, that she slept on the couch for awhile after we got there!

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

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