Tuesday, April 1, 2014


After over a year of planning, we finally were headed to Hawaii to visit Jeff and Laura (and now Asher!)! We were a little nervous about the flight (hello child that never stops moving!) and to be honest...it was so not fun. But, on the bright side, we ended up in Maui! The flight was very long (7 hours to be exact) and Grayson just wanted down (the flight attendants took him from us 2 different times to try and help) but we had very nice people around us who at least acted like they didn't mind the screaming 9 month old. :)

This is what we did when we got to Honolulu for our 2 hour layover. :) Yep, we were those parents that let their kid crawl all over the airport floor...it's amazing what you will do when you are desperate!

Wahoo! We are here! Grayson screamed for the entire (thankfully, short) flight from Honolulu to Maui and then promptly fell asleep AS WE LANDED! Seriously!?? Luckily for us, Jeff and Mimi were waiting for us in Maui!

The entire crazy travel day soon became a distant memory since this was the view from our condo balcony (or as the locals call it, a lanai). Did I mention we could see whales jumping in the distance!!?

Some of the crew...my cousins (Bre and Scotty) were there too! This was going to be a fun week! (I have no idea why Rylie is covering her eyes in this picture. :) )

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