Friday, April 4, 2014

Whale Watch

One of the highlights of our entire trip was our whale watch! I had no idea what to expect and thought it would be cool if we saw a few whales during the couple of hours we were out there. Boy was I wrong! The captain hadn't even finished introducing the crew and we weren't even completely out of the harbor area yet when we spotted our first couple of whales. After that, it was almost constant! It was amazing!

(So our cousins, Bre and Scottie, are the amazing photographers behind Radiant Photography. Scotty got some pretty incredible images of our whale watch!)

One of the coolest sequence shots I have ever seen!

It took a little while (big shocker) but Grayson eventually fell asleep in my arms.

At one point on the trip, they drop a microphone in the water so you can hear the whales. Rylie was pretty excited that she got to be the special helper and hold the microphone. :)

I just love him. :)

Rylie did so amazing on this trip. Towards the end of the watch, she was getting a little tired, so she headed to Mimi for some cuddles. :)

Thank you Scottie for such amazing memories from the whale watch!

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