Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The perfect Hawaii day

Helen had to go home a couple of days before us, and Bre and Scottie also were headed back to California, so we left our condo and went to stay with Jeff, Laura, and Asher for the remainder of our trip. We had had quite a few rainy days, so we were pretty excited to wake up to a sunny day! We loaded up the kayak and headed to a beach down by Wailea. It was amazing! Brandon, Rylie, and I went out on the kayak and went snorkeling. We even got Rylie to go in and snorkel with me! And the best part?! We saw turtles!! They were so close swimming with us that I could have reached out and touched them. Even Rylie got to see them. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me.

Grayson hung out with Laura and Asher while we were in the kayak.

I love this picture of them playing together. :)

Jeff's birthday was right before we got there, so my mom had sent some fun water guns as part of his present so Rylie and him could play on the beach.

After a fun morning, we loaded up into the cars, grabbed some fish tacos, and headed to a waterfall!

The short hike to the waterfall.

Jeff showing Rylie some pineapple plants.

It was freezing water, so Jeff and Brandon were the only ones that went swimming in the waterfall. :)

So my sandal broke right as we left the waterfall. My amazing husband took off his shoes, gave them to me, and then hiked all the way out barefoot with a baby on his shoulders!

The cute farm stand where we grabbed a fresh pineapple/coconut smoothie.

After the waterfall, we drove a little bit on the road to Hana. This was one point that we pulled off to check out another waterfall right off of the road. Laura and I got a good laugh as both babies pretty much screamed their heads off most of the way back (luckily Rylie was with the boys in the jeep), but it was really fun to see part of the drive and now we have a great memory of the road to Hana! :)

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