Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Maui Winery

One afternoon, we headed up into the mountains on Maui to visit the Maui Winery. Laura worked here for a while before Asher was born, so it was really fun to visit. The views on the drive were amazing!

The beautiful grounds of the winery.

In the tasting room. The winery is known for their pineapple wine...which is amazing! You can get it stateside at Total Wine. :)

Another cool thing we learned about Maui is that many of the restaurants are BYOB (bring your own beer/wine) and just charge you a corkage fee. Some of the fees are crazy expensive, but others are pretty decent. Jeff and Laura had given us a gift certificate to a restaurant just down from the condo we stayed at so we got to go on a fun date night and drink some of the yummy wine we bought at the winery that day.

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