Saturday, April 24, 2010


Baseball season has begun! We are a little late going to our first game this year, simply because we didn't really want to commit to anything way ahead of time in case Rylie came early. But Brandon was given tickets for last night, so we decided to finally go. I love baseball games and I love the D-backs! It was so fun to be back at the field this year (and they won, which is always a plus)!

I am however, paying for going to the game body is exhausted! I guess that's what happens when you are nine months pregnant and doing a ton of walking and acting like you do every year at the games. It was pretty funny to watch people's faces at the game as you walk by...because I know that I look like I could pop at any second! :) Well, anyways, it was a fun date night for us before baby (which, by the way, is in a maximum of 11 days...not that I'm counting or anything!).

38 weeks pregnant!

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  1. Acting like you do every game? You are not supposed to get drunk when you are pregnant ;)