Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We had such a great and relaxing Easter this year. Brandon started our morning off by making a big (and yummy) breakfast for us. Next, we headed to church with my family at Grace, the church that I grew up at and where Brandon currently teaches. After church, we went to my aunt Kathy's house for lunch and egg hunting. Brandon decided that this was the last year that he won't have to do something with the egg hunt, so he wasn't going to participate...until my cousin Tatum got ahold of him! Pretty soon he was helping her hide eggs and finding better hiding spots so the rest of the adults wouldn't find them! Just another thing that gets us more excited to have our own little one to celebrate holidays with!

Our new cousin,Cayden. He had the cutest little Easter outfit on!

My mom with her two sisters...not hard to tell that they are related!

Brandon with his egg hiding buddy, Tatum

The whole family group that went to church.

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