Thursday, April 15, 2010

Frank Breech

Frank Breech...not exactly the term that we wanted to hear at our 36 week Dr.'s appointment yesterday, but it is what it is. Rylie has not turned head down, in fact she now has her feet up by her head, so she is basically butt down. Not the ideal postition for delivery to say the least. She is in a pike position in my stomach (guess those gym and cheer genes are stronger than I thought :) ).

So what does that mean? We basically were given 2 options-they can try to manually turn her, or we schedule a C-section. Now, if you know me at all, you know that I am not someone that is opposed to C-sections...if that's what I need for our baby to be healthy, then by all means, give me a C-section. I trust my doctors and there knowledge on the topic, and who am I to doubt their advice.

That being said, we still feel like we should give the manually turning a shot. Apparently, it does not feel good (my doctor told me that I will feel like she is bruising all of the muscles in my stomach with her hands) and there is not a great chance that it will even work, being that I am a first time mom. And then, even if it does work, there is a chance that she could still flip back to being breech by the time that I actually go into labor. But I want to know that we tried...that's just how Brandon and I are I guess. So Friday morning I will be at the hospital while the doctors attempt to get Rylie to turn...pray for us if you think about it.

Leaving the doctor's office yesterday, I wasn't really in that great of mood. My pregnancy really had been by the book up until that moment (so really, I shouldn't be complaining at all). All of the sudden, our little girl is in the very small (don't remember the exact number, but it's something like 5% of all babies) percentage that stay breech past 36 weeks. Definitely not ideal. My mom called me later to share something with me that really changed my perspective on the whole situation.

She said she was challenged by a devotional about feeling grateful. She also did not feel very grateful at this point. Then she realized that she was extremely grateful for something--technology! If this had been like 75 years ago, the chances of Rylie, or myself for that matter, surviving this type of birth would be unheard of. So thank you Lord, for the people who developed the technology to not only see that Rylie is breech, but also to do something about it. And if it still doesn't work, there is even more technology available (aka a C-section) that can deliver our baby healthy and perfect!

Brandon and I are prepared for whatever happens tomorrow, and I will deal with the pain. There is an end in sight, and it involves holding our beautiful little girl who I can not wait to meet! :)

So she was not in an ideal postition to see her face, so we really didn't get any good ultrasound shots of her...but they did let us know that she has a full head of hair! :)

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