Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fun Weekend

Brandon's Mom and brother, Blake, drove in on Thanksgiving night so our holiday continued throughout the weekend. My mom, Helen, Rylie and I went shopping on Black Friday (we really didn't have anything specific to get, so it was actually pretty fun!) and then Brandon and I went to the ASU vs. UCLA football game while Helen babysat Rylie. We absolutely love taking her with us...but it was very nice to enjoy the game and not have to worry about her (especially since the Sun Devils won!). On Saturday, a bunch of us got together and with Helen's help, we made tamales (more about that in a later post). Today was spent cleaning up from all of our fun and finishing decorating the Christmas tree.

At the mall with her Grandma and her Gammie on Black Friday...she is a great shopper!

Opening her first present of the season...Brandon's aunt Kathy made her the cutest "I Spy" quilt. I'll post a pic of it later. She loves it!

Hanging out with Mom on Sunday while I decorated the tree.

The other big project for the weekend was that Brandon made Rylie a high chair (yes, I said made). It is beautiful! I think it is so cool that Rylie will have something like that that her Daddy made for her. Did Imention that I am married to a very talented guy? He came up with the design, drew it out and then made it. He didn't get a pattern or anything...just did what he imagined.

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