Sunday, April 3, 2011

11 months

So I realized that I skipped Rylie's 10 month post (the wedding made that time a little crazy!) so onto her 11 month stats!

This first video is just for fun cuz who doesn't like to hear a baby laughing! :)

*Rylie is super active and all over the place! No walking yet (I actually think it might be a little while still for that) but she is pretty quick with crawling. She also pulls up to everything so nothing is really safe in my house anymore! :)

*She loves cabinets right now. I think it is just that she loves to open and close things, so needless to say, our kitchen cabinets are now baby-proofed (and oh so frustrating for her).

*She loves music! She can be screaming crying and the minute I start to sing a song she gets silent. Her favorite song right now seems to be "Itsy Bitsy Spider" (quickly becoming not her mommy's favorite!) and she is starting to try to do the spider motions everytime we sing it.

*Her favorite book is "A is for Apple" (and yes, I have it completely memorized!) and when it gets to "Y is for You" with the mirror she bends down to give herself a kiss. :)

*She loves to pull toys out of places and then put them back. Her little fish bowl and the shape containers seem to be her toys of choice since she can take the items out and put them back.

*She has figured out how to walk with her push toys!

*She will give kisses whenever you ask for them and started to blow kisses this month.

*She will finally hold her own bottle!

*Her newest words are dog, bye-bye and hi (when she is in the mood), and Grandma (well, it comes out more like and-ma) but I don't think my mom really cares.

We can't believe that she is almost a year old! Let the party planning begin (or, in my case continue...I started in Dec. :) )!

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