Saturday, April 30, 2011

Minnie Mouse Galore!

Today was Rylie's 1st birthday party! I have literally been planning this party since December (I know, I know--that is a little much...but I know how I work and I wanted to make sure that I could do everything that I wanted to do!) so I was very excited that it was finally here! We decided to do a Minnie Mouse theme for her party--the classic red and white Minne Mouse, not the new pink and white Minnie Mouse. That actually made finding things for the party a lot more difficult so we decided to make most of the decorations ourself.

We held the party at my parent's house in their backyard. The weather was beautiful! We had a bunch of little water toys out for all of the kids to play with since my parents pool is a little cold still. We served burgers for the adults and grilled cheese for the kids with a bunch of simple sides. Rylie did great! She actually took the longest nap of her entire life that morning (I loved it, but I was waiting for her to wake up so I could go start setting up everything...of course she would pick that morning to sleep for over 2 hours! She normally takes about 45 minute naps...) so she was in a pretty good mood for most of the party. She looked adorable in her Minnie Mouse sundress and absolutely loved her grilled cheese and cupcake. :) It really was the perfect 1st birthday party for her and was so memorable for us.

Brandon made this amazing cupcake of the highlights of the decor in my opinion. :) I have such a creative husband! Each tier was cut in the shape of Minnie Mouse and there was even little Minnie Mouse shapes in the middle holding each tier up.

Some of the party guests in their hats.

Rylie with her friend, Parker.

Our Mouse shaped grilled cheese. :)

Sharing her grilled cheese with Daddy. :) I love love love this picture.

Time to open presents! As you can see, Rylie loved the shirt she had just opened.

Sitting on the toy box that Uncle Blake made for her...did I mention that Brandon and his whole family are very creative?!

Cozy Coupe from Grandpa and Grandma

She ate the entire cupcake! :)

All of the kids at the party...I can't believe we even got them to all stay in one spot long enough to get this picture!

Rylie with her friend, Boston

The weather was so amazing that it actually got cool by the end of the party! Rylie was being kept warm by Grandpa. :)


  1. omg where did u get her dress?

    1. Sorry for the mass delay...just saw your comment. I got her dress that year at Disneyland in the children's store on Main Street. That was the only place I ever saw it!

  2. Any way i can buy that cake stand! i love it and my daughters 2nd birthday is going to be the exact same theme!

  3. I am so sorry that I just saw this! Unfortunately, we got rid of the stand after about a year of storing it because I didn't know what else to do with it!

  4. how did you make the party hats? Or did you make them? ADORABLE! we are doing the same theme and it is SOOO hard to find the red Minnie...

    1. Hi Teffeni! I did make them! The ears are made out of black craft foam which I just cut into circles and then made one small section straight. I found regular red party hats and then just hot glued the foam ears to them. For the girls I glued a bow and then just left the boys as is. Good luck with your party!