Friday, April 29, 2011

Rylie's 1st Easter

We had a great Easter in California. We headed to church in the morning (which Rylie did pretty good during the service...I almost got to hear all of the sermon!) and then went to brunch. After that, we headed home to give her her Easter basket and have an egg hunt! She loved her 2 baskets and was way more into the egg hunt than I thought she would be. She picked up on the concept pretty quick and proceded to find all 35 eggs around the yard and put them in her basket! I thought that was pretty good focus for a not even 1 year old!

This is how Rylie spend brunch :)

Checking out all of her Easter basket fun

Playing with the bubbles from her basket

Starting the egg hunt

"Look guys...there's an egg!"

We also gave her a chocolate bunny to try...

...needless to say, she loved it!

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