Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Eggs

So we decided to decorate Easter eggs and celebrate tonight with my parents since we will be in California for Easter this year. Rylie couldn't really do much with the actual decorating of the eggs, but she did find a hard boiled egg pretty interesting...that is, until she tasted it! I have tried scrambled eggs with her a few times and she has never been a huge fan and apparently, hard boiled eggs are the same story. :) She kept putting pieces in her mouth and then spitting them out. Eventually, she just started clearing the tray in front of her and threw the entire egg and all of the pieces on the floor.

Dakota waited patiently for Rylie to be done with the egg...she wasn't disappointed!

We eventually gave up on the egg and gave her an Oreo instead...she definitely likes those! :)

Rylie did love her Easter basket from my parents. She got a watering can and little rake and shovel set to help Grandma in her garden, a boo-boo bunny, a couple of new music cds, a book, and the most adorable pink stuffed bunny that my mom made. While she loved all of the gifts, her favorite thing was the grass in the basket and the basket itself...typical kid. :)

Giving Bunny kisses

Taking Bunny for a walk in the basket.

Oh and one more exciting note...Rylie stood up in the middle of the room today a few times! She didn't use anything to help her stand up, just popped up all by herself!

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