Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Busy Life

So I would never have thought that a 3 week old could be busy...but that is how I have felt the last few days! We've been all over the place and done a ton of stuff. Rylie had her first real bath, went and visited Daddy at work for the first time, went to her first birthday party, went on her first walk with Wrigley, and maybe even smiled a little (I know it's just gas, but I can hope!)! We are having a blast, even with the little amount of sleep!

Welcome home from California Daddy!

Using the sink for her bath at my parents house during our sleepover...she loved the full bath so much better than the sponge baths!

Getting to use her bathtub for the first time...our little bathing beauty!

Daddy was excited to show off Rylie at work, so we headed there during lunch one day. All of the teachers just loved her and Brandon even showed her off to his 4th grade class!

Ever since she has been a puppy, Wrigley has hated wheels...so I didn't really think through the fact that she would hate the wheels on the stroller and not want to go anywhere near it! That will make for some difficult walks for me, so we started working with her on this. As you can see, she was not amused to have to be that close to the stroller. :)

Happy 3 week birthday little girl! We love you!

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