Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Week of Firsts

So we made it through the first week of being parents! There has been so many fun things that we have been able to do with Rylie...and so much that we are learning. I don't think we have figured out nights yet-Rylie will only sleep if someone is holding her and this is not something we would like to make a habit! We have tried her cradle (she will last about 45 minutes max) and her swing (we have had better luck with that-about an hour and a half). She will fall asleep instantly as soon as she is in someone's arms, so it is hard not to give in to that when it's 3 in the morning! I am trying to put her down in her cradle whenever she falls asleep, day or night so she will get used to it. We are also figuring out a feeding schedule. At her latest doctors appointment, she finally gained weight (7oz in 4 days!), but I had been feeding on demand and that has been often. :) So much to learn!

We have obviously had a lot of firsts this week with Rylie. She has met a lot of new friends that have come to visit and been some very fun places. Brandon and I both still cannot believe that she is here and are amazed at how much we love her. Everyone tells you that will be the case when you have a baby, but I never knew it would feel like this! I could seriously just sit and hold and stare at her for hours on end. I thank God everyday for bringing her into our lives.

Rylie's first sponge bath. She was not a huge fan of her bath, but enjoyed the snuggles that she got afterward!

She got to meet her Granddad (Brandon's Dad) and her uncle Brian (Brandon's oldest brother). They drove out from California. She also had her first experience at a restaurant (Abeulo's Mexican Food). She spent the afternoon snoozing on Granddad's shoulder...life is just so rough! :)

We went to Rylie's pediatrician for the first time the day after we came home from the hospital. She had lost a lot of weight (1 oz shy of an entire pound) from when she was born, so the pediatrician told me to feed her on demand and we would come back in a few days to see if she had gained any weight. She was also a little bit concerned about the shape and size of Rylie's head (she is in the 90th percentile for head size!). She actually had us go to Phoenix Children's Hospital Outpatient facility to get X-rays of Rylie's head...so she had her first X-ray experience! Everything turned out to be fine, but it was nice to have the X-rays done so we would know for sure.

Those doctor visits are sure tiring! This is how Rylie spent the rest of the afternoon.

Happy 1 Week Birthday Rylie!

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