Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Mother's Day

So I had Rylie just in time to celebrate my first mother's day! We really couldn't go and do anything due to the fact that I am still recovering from the c-section but my mom and grandparents came to us to celebrate (my dad was out of town). They brought Olive Garden for dinner and my grandma made the most amazing strawberry pie for dessert. We just stayed at home, relaxed and watched the Suns game. I had gotten my mother's day present from Brandon on the day that Rylie was born-my very first piece of jewelry from Tiffany's! My mom got me the Willow Tree new baby statue (I love these...I have one from a lot of big events throughout the last few years) and the perfect frame for Rylie's room that I can fit a maternity photo, a baby photo of her, and a photo of the 3 of us. It was a great way to spend my first mother's day!

My beautiful Tiffany's necklace from Brandon. He gave it to me a little early as a way to remember the day I became a mother.

My wonderful mother (and now grandma!). I have been extremely blessed in the past week and a half by my mom. She came and sat with me in the hospital so Brandon could go to his golf team's championship match (which they won, by the way) and I fell asleep for half the time she was there...and she didn't care one bit. She has run errands for us since we have been home and done whatever we needed. She's gonna be the best grandma!

The yummy homemade strawberry pie!

One of my grandma's with her great-granddaughter

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  1. Love the pictures Bethany! Ah so happy for you guys! Hey, question...when over the course of the pregnancy did you stop going on certain rides at Disneyland?? :) We're going in a couple weeks and I was just wondering. I don't know anyone else, besides you guys, who go as often as Brett and I!