Friday, May 14, 2010

Rylie's Room

I have been wanting to put photos of Rylie's room up, but I wanted to put all of the before, during and after pictures together...however, due a computer crashing and having all of my photos in many different places, I have no idea when I will be able to do that so I decided to forget it and just put up the completed room photos.

Way back when we were thinking about what we wanted for our baby's room, boy or girl, we had a few different ideas. It was pretty easy to decide really...if it was a boy-baseball and a girl-cowgirl. The cowgirl idea came from a painting that had been hanging in my room when I was growing up of a girl and her horse. I thought it would be really cool to do a baby's room around that picture...that and it was something different that I had never seen for a baby's room. I started searching online for stuff that I liked and my mom offered to make bedding if we couldn't find anything that we loved. Well, I did find a hot pink and brown set that we liked and I was pretty sure that it would not match the painting, so I kind of forgot about the painting.

My mom, however, did not forget about it. She secretly got our paint color and took it and had the painting re-matted and framed. She gave it to me at one of my baby showers and it looks great!

When we were at my cousin Jody's house this summer, I saw the cutest lasso rope name on her son Chase's wall. I found it online, but it was a little more than I wanted to pay, so again, I kind of forgot about it. And again, my mom did not :). Instead of buying the name though, my dad was sure that he could make it...and they did! I think it came out better than the one that I found online and it looks great above Rylie's crib.

My other favorite thing about her room is the shadow boxes that my mom and Brandon's mom made for us. They have items from us when we were babies. I just love that Rylie has that little bit of each of her parents childhood hanging on her wall.

Brandon put a countless amount of hours working on this room. He had to start by cleaning out what was our guest/office/junk room and finding a place for everything in our house. Next he ripped out all of the carpet and took off all of the baseboards. Then he and my aunt Miriam painted the top half of the room. My Aunt Miriam and Uncle Alan gave us a great gift...they put in all of the wainscoating for us! We came home to a beautiful room! Brandon and my dad then laid down the hard wood laminate flooring and again, it turned out great. All of the furniture had to be put together, curtains hung, and things put up on the walls...did I mention that my husband is amazing? :) I love how it all turned out, and Brandon was right...we did finish it in time and I really didn't need to worry about it (did I mention that the room was one of my total pregnancy melt down topics :) ).

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