Saturday, June 26, 2010

First Father's Day

Brandon got to experience his first father's day this year, and we had an extremely relaxing day. Brandon told me later that it was one of the best days he has had since Rylie was born. Rylie and I woke him up with breakfast in bed and some fun gifts (clothes and sunglasses). We then headed to church and grabbed some lunch on the way home so that Daddy could catch the final round of the US Open golf tournament at Pebble Beach on TV. We spent the afternoon napping and relaxing. May sound boring to some, but for us new parents, it was great!

I found a Father's Day card this year that really put into words how Brandon and my relationship has grown since Rylie was born.
"When I first said "I love you", I thought I understood the full meaning of those words. But when I watch you as a dad-playing and laughing, giving a big hug, just being there-I realize that when I first said "I love you" I had just begun to understand all my heart could hold for you. I love you so much, and I thank God for making you mine-and then for making you ours."
Brandon, you are the greatest father Rylie could ask for and I am falling more in love with you everyday watching you with our precious little girl!

My dad with Brandon and Rylie the day she was born. Happy Father's Day're the best Grandpa!

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