Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Wedding

A childhood friend of mine got married this past weekend, so Rylie got to go to her first wedding! Now, when we heard about this wedding we were a little worried about the outdoor wedding, in June, in Phoenix? All we could think about was how hot it was going to be. Well, apparently the Block family has an inside track with God because the weather was phenomenal! I almost could have had a jacket on during the ceremony, and if you have ever been in Phoenix in June, you know that this is amazing! (My parents anniversary is June 16th and it was over 110 degrees on their wedding day!)

Rylie actually didn't see any of the ceremony. She started getting fussy about 5 minutes after we sat down and since it was an outdoor ceremony, there really was no place to take her to get away, so Brandon took her out to the parking lot and walked around with her. She did great during the reception though (she pretty much slept through it)!

The beautiful couple...Matt and Carley

Carley and I have been friends since birth...even though she lived in Minnesota for most of our childhood.

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