Saturday, June 5, 2010

A House Divided

So there is a bit of tension in our house...when it comes to baseball, that is. I am a Diamondbacks fan...I love going to the games, love their sedona red and tan colors, love Chase field, love everything about them. I am a relatively new baseball fan (just the past few years) and am happy to root for the hometown team. And apparently, so is my husband...only his hometown is in Southern California so his hometown team is the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now this wouldn't be such an issue if the Dodgers and D-backs didn't happen to be in the same division and therefore play each other a ton of times throughout the season.

So why do I bring this up? Well, while we were in California, the D-backs just happened to be in town playing the Dodgers. The issue arose when Brandon wanted to buy Rylie a Dodgers onesie to wear to the game. I didn't want my little girl in anything Dodger Blue! Well, they say marriage is all about compromise, so we both gave a little and came up with plan. As long as we were at Dodger stadium, Rylie can wear Dodger Blue. But anytime we are at Chase Field, sedona red it is! (I think that I got the better end of this deal since we live in Phoenix and therefore will be at way more D-backs games than Dodger games). I have to admit, Rylie did look pretty cute in blue!

Dodger Stadium is pretty cool. It is set up on a hill and overlooks downtown Los Angeles. The weather was amazing. We sat up high in the shade and had a cool breeze the entire game. Really, a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Did I mention that she made it 9 innings...I know a lot of adults that can't even make it that long at a baseball game! We left after 9 since the score was still 0-0 (gotta love baseball!) and it ended up going 14 innings and the Dodgers won (so I'm glad we left early). :)

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